Hush & Salt

by - 5/16/2016

The last 2016 suit I want to talk about is this super cute Heart Breaker Tankini from Hush and Salt. This is honestly one of my favorite suits I have ever owned and I really mean that. I am so happy it comes in this bright pink color because I am pretty obsessed with pink :) It also has removable straps which is awesome because I love not having tan lines from suit straps (even though I already do from other suits). 

Basically everything about this suit is just darling. I feel like it gives me enough coverage to help me feel comfortable but also has lots of little details that help me feel cute at the same time! 
One thing I love about Hush & Salt is that they have a wide variety of different styles. They have one-pieces, tankinis and bikinis (all of which are so adorable) so there is something for everyone! If you are in the market for a new suit this summer, you NEED to check them out :)

Happy suit shopping!


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