WHEN Masks

by - 5/02/2016

A few weeks ago I got an opportunity to try out a line of facial masks from a company called WHEN. They are seriously the nicest, most amazing masks ever. I put them on about an hour before bed, after I washed my face, and let them sit for a little bit (I won't put a photo of me in the actual mask because I look pretty scary, haha).
 One of my favorite things about the mask was once it is time for it to come off, you can just take it off and leave the moisturizer from it on your skin! It makes so much sense because I feel like it'd be such a waste to wash off.

My favorite mask I tried was the "Snow Magic" mask. It is designed to help brighten your skin, and since it has felt like winter has just dragged on here, I felt I could use a little brightening! The mask moisturized my face in a way that also brightened it up. I am seriously IN LOVE with this mask.

The other two masks I loved were the "Last Choice" (best mask for super dry skin) and "Glamour Base" (made to use before applying makeup as a kind of a base) masks. 
It is crazy what just 30 minutes in a mask can do for you. Totally recommend these! 

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