Detoxifying Clay Mask

by - 5/19/2016

The other night I decided to have my own little spa-at-home night and I decided to use my Detoxifying Clay Mask from Valentia (one of my favorite skincare brands). I have never posted photos of me in face masks before because I look totally scary, but I thoughts this was a special occasion because it has become one of my favorite masks (and I've tried a lot of them) and I just had to share!
My skin is usually pretty sensitive and after reading about how powerful this mask is, I was a little worried to try it. It ended up being absolutely perfect for me! I put it on and let it dry (about 30 minutes) then washed it off and used a moisturizer. 
I also love that it goes a long way, so this 4 oz. bottles will give me several more at-home spa nights :)
It is only $25 on Amazon right now and is worth every penny. 
Also be sure to check out Valentia's Instagram and Facebook pages!

*thanks to Valentia for sponsoring this post!

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