Beach Day with Janela Bay

by - 5/09/2016

Since summer is quickly approaching, I decided to do a mini-series of posts about my new favorite suits of Summer 2016! I have always felt more comfortable in suits that offer good coverage and am so happy about how cute one-pieces and tankinis have gotten! Over the past few months I have done some research and have found a few online suit companies that I really, really love, and I thought I'd share!
This cute suit I wore to the beach last week is the Bela Babe two-piece from Janela Bay. Janela Bay is SUCH has the cutest modest suits and I really wish I had found them sooner. This peplum-style suit is so flattering and perfect for me. The bottoms are slightly high-waisted (just enough to cover any love-handles/flabbier areas :)) but the top is long enough so they look like normal bottoms! 

I also LOVE the colors of this suit. It makes me feel so tan :)

Most importantly, I love how comfortable this suit is. I can move all around and feel confident that nothing will fall out/come up/fall down. It is the absolute perfect suit and they have so many more that are like it on the Janela Bay website.
Happy Monday!


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