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by - 5/08/2016

Like I have been saying, I have become especially interested in skincare lately. I have tried so many different scrubs/masks/moisturizers and get so excited when I actually find something that I feel is worth purchasing. Just recently I started using four products from the Avani Supreme Line, and I can honestly say that they are unbelievably amazing products that I feel have truly helped my skin.

The first product is their Ultra Rich Body Butter (in the ocean scent). My very first impression was that it smelled AMAZING. As you probably already know, I am a sucker for anything that smells good! So this product caught my attention right away. I love the fact that I can use it all over my body, and that it can go such a long way. I seriously only use a little teeny bit and it can cover both of my entire legs. It is also awesome because it is gentle enough to be helpful with all skin types. Favorite body moisturizer of all-time. 

The next thing I tried was their Skin Renewal Facial Peel. You put it on your clean face and let it sit for about ten minutes before rinsing. During that time, it gets deep and gets rid of oils and dead skin cells. It is absolutely awesome! You can actually feel it working, which is so amazing. I do recommend following the directions and only using it about once or twice a week, just because of how strong it is. 

Next we have the Skin Balance Moisturizing Gel Cream. Again, this product smells so good. Kody loves when I wear it just because of that. I love that I can wear it both during the day under makeup or at night as a night cream. Just like the body butter, it goes such a long way, so I know this 1.7 oz. jar will last me a long time!

Lastly, we have the Natural Mineral Body Scrub in the Ocean scent as well (on the right). This stuff is honestly probably the favorite product I've tried. I use it in the shower and use it all over. It smells AMAZING but most importantly, it does an awesome job at exfoliating my skin and making it feel oh-so-smooth! Using the Scrub and then using the Ultra Rich Body Butter afterwards is the perfect recipe for the softest, nicest-smelling skin ever.

So happy I got to try out these amazing products! I truly think they are awesome and recommend them to anyone, no matter your skin type. From now until Friday, you can use code "May50" at checkout on avani-deadsea.com for 50% off. HALF-OFF, you guys! If you are in the market for some new skincare products, this is such a perfect opportunity for you. 
Happy Sunday!


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