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by - 5/01/2016

I always love it when I can find a new online place to shop, especially when it comes to jewelery. I feel like jewelery is something that is AWESOME to buy online because you often don't really need to try it on or anything.
I don't think I have ever really had a good watch, so lately I have been looking for one! Here is a little wishlist of my top three favorite Bering watches from

 If you know me, you know I am absolutely obsessed with anything pink, so this watch (model 10725-999) was the first one to catch my eye. It is such a pretty powder pink, too. So classy!

This white watch (model 10729-754) is very similar to the pink one, but I think it would probably go with a lot more, and I would be able to wear it more often! So in love with the beautiful crystals! 

This watch (model 12927-010) also caught my eye. I feel like it is a little different than what I would normally wear, but I really love it! I love how it has a little gold edge, and how the band has more of a mesh-type look. It also has the same crystals on the other watches that I love! is an online jewelry store, that sells direct from factory, authentic watches from brands such as Bulova, Bering, Jorg Gray, and others.  They also carry 14K jewelry, that is factory direct, so you can get the best prices.
And right now they are having a sale, where new memebers get 20%! It really is an awesome deal that I just might take advantage of, and you should too! 
Happy Thursday!

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