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by - 5/16/2016

One of these days I am going to get around to doing an actual post about my favorite hair styles (like this braided half-up I wore to church today). Today though, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my cute hair girl, Heather at Form Salon in Orem. If you are in Utah Valley you need to go see her. I have gone to SO MANY different hair girls and she has been the best by far. I am so happy with the way my hair looks now. I cannot stress the importance of finding someone good to do your hair. It may take a couple of tries, but is so worth it. Here are a few tips I have come up with for bleaching/coloring your hair:

-Unless you're a professional, DON'T try coloring or bleaching your own hair. I used to do it all myself and it damaged my hair so badly, not to mention the fact that it never looked the way I wanted
-Ask for recommendations from people in your area

-If you are bleaching your hair, ask your stylist to use Olaplex. It will literally save your hair.

-Save up. This is important for me because getting your hair done isn't cheap, and shouldn't be. Getting your I am the biggest penny-pincher I know, but when it comes to my hair I don't go cheap, even if that means waiting and letting my roots grow out. 

-Find a picture. Even though everyone's hair is totally different and you're hair won't turn out exactly like the models', it is nice to have an idea what you are picturing instead of trying to explain it

-If you are wanting more of an ashy-blonde like me, be sure to tell your hair dresser and ask them to use a toner on you! At first it might be super white or even blue, but it will fade and leave you with a cooler blonde. I also use Shimmer Lights blue shampoo from Sallys one or two times a week to keep it from going super warm

Happy coloring!

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