Farmacy Honey Potion

by - 9/23/2016

I am so excited to be working with Farmacy on another product review! I have tried a few of their products now and have always been so impressed with them! This Honey Potion Masque is no different. Let me just start out by saying, THIS STUFF IS CRAZY! I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but totally loved the results. I read about it beforehand, so I knew I wanted to try it right away as soon as it came in the mail. 

I had Kody use it too (he is just the best and always down to help me). At first it was weird because it felt like we were putting actual honey all over our faces! After rubbing it in for a few seconds, it got nice and warm. It felt so good and reminded me of getting a hot cloth put over my face during facials. Isn't that just the best feeling ever? Then we let it sit for about 30 minutes. The warm sensation lasted almost the whole time and turned a creamy-white color. It left me with a healthy glow and fresh feeling. My makeup went on super smooth the next day.
Kody loved it too, but mostly just for the warm feeling. It didn't help his makeup go on any smoother ;)

I am so excited to continue using this as it gets closer to winter and my skin starts drying out! 


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  1. ooh la la! Love a good face mask, good to hear this stuff works!