Clip-In Extensions 101


There is something about 100% natural hair that is so nice, soft and carefree. I don't want tape-in or braid-in extensions because I don't want a TON of hair all the time (espeically when I go to bed). However, for some styles I like to add a little more hair! That is where clip-ins come in. I don't wear them most days, but sometimes I'll want a longer look or a super thick ponytail or a chunky side braid. Clip-ins are PERFECT for those times!

I think alot of people are often hesitant to get clip-ins or when they do, aren't quite sure what to do with them or how to make them look their best. I am not a hairdresser by any means and there are probaly people who would have different opinions than me but since I have started using clip-ins, I have discovered some tips and tricks that I wish somebody had told me before I bought them! So, here is my little guide to clip-in extensions :)

Also, just so you know, this post isn't sponsored at all. I bought my extensions and hair products I talk about with my own money :)

Before with my natural hair and after with my extensions

Find a Good Brand

When talking about extensions, you are going to get what you pay for. There really isn't some secret way to get awesome ones for cheap. I have seen girls use $25 clip-ins from Sally's that look great, but a lot of time, even if they do look real, can't be curled or styled too much and won't last a whole long time. Beautiful, real-hair-extensions are awesome but can easily cost over $200. It all depends on what you want. For me, I wanted extensions that I could have for a long time and that I could cut, curl, braid, wash and do everything else with. It took some saving, but I ended up getting a set of 20" Bellami extensions. They do the job and I am happy with them! The one complaint I have is that the clips can get a little itchy at times. I have heard that isn't a problem with every brand though. Some other brands I have heard good things about and would like to try include Laced Hair, Luxy Hair and Cashmere. Whatever kind you get, make sure they are real human hair.

Be Realistic

If you have chin-length hair, don't go buying 24" extensions, they will be SO much harder to blend in!! HERE is a good little chart with hair lengths. I wouldn't reccomend buying extensions that are 8" longer than your natural hair. Sometimes it is easy to think that you want crazy long mermaid-hair, but when you get them in the mail and put them on your head, you realize they are MUCH longer than you had thought. More realistic lengths will look and feel so much better.

Choose the Right Color

Like I said, my clip-ins are from Bellami (you can see them here). They are 20" and in the shade Ash Blonde. It can be super hard to tell exactly what the color will look like on you, so make sure you check other peoples photos on social media. All of these companies have Instagrams that feature different girls wearing their extensions and they tell you what shade they are wearing. Most of these companies have policies where once you open your extensions, you can't return them. So before you order, make SURE you can commit!

The Ash Blonde from Bellami was definitely the closest to my actual hair, but it wasn't as ashy as I hoped. So, I washed it once with this Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo (it's cheapest from Amazon). After I did that, it matched PERFECTLY! If you do this, just make sure you go easy with the purple shampoo because that ash blonde hair soaks it up and it can turn blue real quick!

Rat It

Yes, I have heard how bad it can be to rat your hair too often, but if you are wearing clip-ins it is something you need to do to keep the clips from showing. Before I do this, I section my hair and then rat it only right at the root where I am going to put the actual clips at. When I put the clip-in extensions in, I clip them down right in the ratted part. You also want to make sure that if you have finer hair like I do, to rat the hair that will lay on top of the clips so they won't be able to peek through

Clip Them In the Right Places

Most of your clip-ins should be clipped in pretty low so that they don't show through. Everybodys hair/head is different, but I like to put my clip-ins right on these lines-NEVER any higher. On the bottom, I do the largest hair piece (the one that has 4 clips) and on the top I put a few little ones (about 3 different 2-clip pieces). You shouldn't ever have to put them any higher than than you ears unless you have crazy-thick hair that will for sure cover the clips. Be sure to section your hair off (clip it up) for every extension you put in.

Don't Pull It All Forward

I see girls doing this all the time and I cringe! Yes, I know you want your hair to look long and beautiful in the front, but don't forget about the back! Leave some back there! It will make it look a lot more natural, and will keep it so the clips won't show.

Wash Them

Although you may not wear them all the time, you need to wash your clip-ins! Once or twice a month is usually enough for mine. Use a subtle shampoo and conditioner and be super gentle!

Hang Them Up

Like all hair, clip-in extensions can get sooo tangled! You definitely need to purchase some kind of hanger/bag to store them in. I have this hanger and really like it. While mine are not being used, I also like to loose-braid them to prevent more tangles.

Have Fun With Them!

That's the whole reason we get them, right? Instead of only wearing them long and straight all the time (although there's nothing wrong with that), try something new! Curl them, twist them, braid them, do whatever you'd like! Go CRAZY on Pinterest and try all of those styles you have wanted to do. F.Y.I probably 99% of the long hairstyles you see on Pinterest are done with extensions, so it IS possible.

Let me know if you have any questions or hair-extension advice of your own! :)


here are some of my favorite hair care products (that I use on my extensions) as well as some pieces I've heard good things about.

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