by - 9/28/2016

Today I did my first live newscast.
It was pretty cool. I got to hang out outside where it was so nice and got to wear a cool little earpiece so I could hear what was going on in the newsroom. Yay!
I used to watch the news and think, "Hey that looks so fun! Just chatting about politics and going to fun events and wearing cute clothes!"
No, no no.
I suppose any job/field is, but journalism is something that you don't really expect to be sooo darn crazy.

Reporters/anchors are usually super good at acting all casual and making it look easy but there is soooo much work that goes on behind the scenes! Stuff that I never knew until the past few years and never actually experienced until the last couple of weeks.

First, you have to find/come up with a story. That's in your beat, that's is in your area, that's timely, that you can find someone to interview about and that your producer approves.
Then you have to contact and talk people into being on-camera for interviews.
Then you have to actually drive to the location, interview your person and film all kinds of shots.
Then you have to write out an awesome script, get it edited and get it approved.
Then you have to edit/put together all of your videos, adjust the volumes and get that edited and approved.
Then you have to edit your script for it to be put online.
Then you have to figure out how to tuck your microphone into your dress so nobody sees it, memorize parts of your script,
Then you have to actually DO the broadcast, which only ends up being about a minute-and-a-half long and then you're done.

And most of the time, you have to do all of this ^^^^ in just a few HOURS, and the entire time you have to pee.
Not so glamorous!

Anyways, that was my day today (and every other Wednesday). Don't get me wrong, it is the COOLEST, most interesting and fun experience ever and it is so worth it. But man, it is has been a real eye-opener to me!

Major props to everyone with jobs that seem easy/fun on the outside but have so much work behind them.

What comes to my mind are moms, dads, teachers, advertisers, business owners and probably a lot of other people.
Wish me lots of luck on making it through the rest of the semester!

p.s. the shirt I am wearing is so cheap on sale here!!

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