100% Pure Review

by - 9/06/2019

 Lately I have been really trying to implement more natural and toxin-free products into our home and our routines. I have been trying to feed my family healthier, more natural foods, clean with less toxic chemicals and I have REALLY been trying to pay attention to what I put ON my face and skin.

100% Pure (a.k.a the cutest beauty company ever) recently sent me a package of some of their most popular products for me to try and I have to say- I have been SO pleasantly surprised by how much I absolutely love, love, love them! They are a cruelty-free brand with no synthetic ingredients (something I use waaay to much of in my other makeup products). They also will donate 1 bowl of dog food or plant 1 tree each time someone makes a purchase. So, so cool!

The packaging of everything they sent was so cute and convenient. My mom visited and saw them and couldn't talk enough about how beautiful she thought everything was!

I truly looooved every single item in the package and I thought I'd go over my top three favorites...

Smells AMAZING, goes on smoothly and helps reduce any puffiness around my eyes. I have used it every morning since I got it and hope it never, ever runs out.

If you saw my IG stories the other day, you know that I am a huge lipstick hoarder and have tried sooooo many. This is hands down the BEST RED lipstick/lipgloss I have ever tried. It is so pigmented and smooth and juicy and is just the absolute perfect shade of red. If I were going to re-name it, I'd call it "Date Night Red" because I plan to wear it on every future date night ever. 

I don't want to over-hype this brand but honestly their products are worth all the hype I'm giving....this BB Cream is the best I have ever tried! It is so smooth and so beautiful. It isn't as cakey as an actual foundation but still has some amazing coverage. So great for everyday wear.

Overall I can't get enough of the items from 100% Pure. I definitely plan to order more of the Lip Caramel in different colors. I'd also like to try out more of their shower gel items. They are a new favorite of mine and I will keep posting about how I use and like each thing on my IG stories, so be sure to keep an eye out :)


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