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On Sunday Kody and I went for a little teeny drive to take pictures for our Christmas card! Kody isn't a huge fan of pictures. Actually he hates them. BUT he loves me, so he was a good sport about it :)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how fast time has gone since we got married. It has been about 2 years since we got married and 3 years since we first met. However, it has felt more like a couple of months.

Not even kidding at all.

I now understand what adults always meant when they said "time flies" or "the older you get, the faster time goes." It is so true!

Sometimes I am happy when time goes fast. For instance, this semester has been so hard so I am happy that it has gone by pretty fast. But sometimes I feel like I just want to stop, pause everything and take a while to soak it in. So today I want to talk real quick about how I feel right at this moment about my husband. I usually hate the super cheesy blog stuff but what can I say? Sometimes I just need to be cheesy.

At the beginning of college I was not planning on getting married right away. As a matter of fact, I thought I wanted to wait until after I graduated. Little did I know, you don't really get to choose when the right person comes along! Looking back now, I wouldn't have it ANY other way.

When I was little, I had a list in the back of my journal of the qualities I wanted in a future husband (that's normal, right?). Every time I thought of something new, I'd write it down. My "list" ended up having some really important things (speaks kind to me) and some not-so-important things that my 12-year-old self thought was so important at the time (likes Disneyland a lot). After dating a lot and being married for a little while, my little list has changed and I have been able to see what qualities really, truly matter in a marriage.

Girls, I know that you don't need to get married. I am aware that it is 2016 and women are strong and independent and all of that. BUT if you do, make sure you marry someone who has a sense of humor and can make you laugh. Marry someone who will speak kindly to you. Marry someone who LOVES the Lord and shows it. Marry a man who is patient. Marry someone who is selfless. And marry someone who can handle difficult situations.

I think it goes without saying that YOU need to have these qualities as well, but I am just assuming you do :)

The other day one of my friends asked me how I knew I wanted to marry Kody. Honestly, there wasn't one single moment I can remember thinking, "Oh, I must marry him! It is meant to be!" But after going on several dates and hanging out a lot, I realized I didn't want anything else! I HATED saying goodnight. I didn't like going on dates with other guys or flirting or any of that. I didn't care what else was out there. I only wanted to be with him.

I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world. I could NOT have asked for a better husband for me. He may not like country music and he may like playing basketball a lot more than I do but I'll gladly take him anyways! I have been able to see that what is really important isn't always exactly what 12-year-old Ivy thought was and I am so grateful for that. Also he is so hot (not super important, but it's a pretty good bonus if you ask me).

Soooooo that's basically my little Thursday night ramble.
Happy almost-weekend!! :)


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