Bumpdate: Week 8

by - 11/20/2016

These past couple of weeks have been pretty tough if I am being honest. I went from having no symptoms at 5 weeks to having ALL the symptoms at 6 weeks. I feel sick, cranky, achy, chunky, tired and not cute. But I guess that pregnancy isn't all wonderful, glowing bliss right? Here is my update! 

How Far Along: 8 weeks

Baby is the size of: a raspberry! Still teeny but growing so much!

Total weight gain: So far about 3-4lbs. Pretty sure this isn't actual baby weight though. Probably just water/bloating/too much eating haha.  

Symptoms: Man, I'm not sure where to even begin. At 6 weeks, the morning sickness hit and it hit HARD. Since then, I have been super queasy allllll day. Then a couple of days ago the heartburn hit too. I never knew what heartburn was until then and let me tell you: heartburn + morning sickness is not a good combo! I feel miserable all the time but still have to go to work and school and pretend everything is normal because we still haven't told anybody. 

I am still super duper tired all the time too. My life is all about sleeping and planning when I will sleep next. haha. I have never been a big nap-taker until lately. I seriously have to take a nap every single day! I am also super moody...I don't like to admit it but it's true. Trying to find parking at school and dealing with BYU drivers makes me way more angry than it ever has. Then today Kody showed me a video of a baby chameleon hatching out of its egg and I started tearing up. Ridiculous, I know!!!

Cravings: NOTHING. Literally everything sounds gross to me. I have to eat though so when I think of something that doesn't totally turn my stomach, I jump on it. I have been living off of saltines, apple sauce, popsicles, pb+honey sandwiches and soup. 

Struggles: Lately I have really gotten homesick! I really miss my family, especially my mom. Sometimes when Kody is at school I feel really down being alone at home. I used to be just fine, but for some reason this pregnancy has made me really want to be close to home. I am SO jealous of all you girls that live close to your moms and get to see them often/go to lunch/have Sunday dinners with your families. Someday! And like I said, the morning sickness has really been keeping me down. I never knew it would be this bad. Everyday I pray that I will just be able to make it through the day at school and work. I try to keep a positive attitude though because I know this sickness is all for a good cause and I will do anything for this little raspberry! 

Exercising: I have struggled so hard lately to work out. Feeling like you're going to throw up + running isn't a very fun thing, so I haven't been doing a whole lot of it. I try to do yoga though and although it's hard, it feels AMAZING. Hopefully I can get back into working out soon!

Baby Daddy: Kody has been just so awesome over the past few weeks. He takes me to the grocery store every time I have some sort of weird craving, he lets me sleep all the time, he listens to me cry about stupid stuff, he rubs my back he does the dishes, and he still makes me feel like I am hot even though I am usually makeup-less, tired, bloated and the exact opposite of hot. I don't know what I would do without him, I want to cry just typing this! (so emotional, remember?). I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. 

Discoveries: I finally bought the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book and I love it! I can remember my mom reading it when I was little and she was pregnant with my brother. Every time I have a few minutes I read a little bit of it!

Looking Forward To: Telling our families. And our friends. And everyone. We have our first ultrasound in November (once I am at 10 weeks) and plan on telling our families then. We probably won't tell everyone else until after the 1st trimester but that will be fun too :)

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  1. Ivy, Congratulations! I signed on to find one of your recipes and then saw the cute picture and read your exciting news about expecting a baby! Can't believe that not so many years ago you were in YW. I'm really happy for you both!
    Love, Mary Miller