Bumpdate: Week 5

by - 11/20/2016

Kody and I decided that we wanted to try to have a baby sometime in 2017, so this wasn't an accident. However, we did not expect it to happen as fast as it did, so it was a little bit of a surprise! 

I was feeling a little off for a few days, so while I was grocery shopping I thought, "why not?" and threw a cheap pregnancy test in the cart. I took it as soon as I got home but got super pee-shy and because it took so long, the directions said the test was invalid. Nothing showed up on it so I didn't think anything of it. When Kody came home later, I told him and he just thought it was funny. Kind of as a joke, he told me to try it again even know we knew that test was already ruined. So I did and I was shocked when I saw a "+". I told Kody and we immediately ran to the grocery store (no makeup, no bra. that's how fast we went) and picked up two more. I cam home, and sure enough, another plus sign! I still didn't believe it so I did the second one and a plus sign appeared again! We were kind of in shock but we were soooooo beyond happy!! We paused Parks and Rec and then just kind of sat there for a minute laughing and saying, "what the heck?!" over and over. It is one of my favorite little moments in my life so far :)

I told myself we were going to wait to tell family until Christmas but what was I thinking?! I can't keep a secret! I'm sure we will tell our families soon. Our baby is going to have the very best grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins ever. Not telling people has been SO HARD. I just want to tell everyone I meet! Miscarriages and difficulties are more common during these early stages, so we don't want to tell the whole world just yet. It is kind of fun to have our own little secret for now but once I hit that second trimester, everyone on the entire planet will be notified! :)

I have always loved reading other moms' pregnancy updates so I am going to do my own on here! I will try to update it every few weeks or so. Sorry if you think it's annoying but be prepared for all kinds of updates and pictures and posts about cute baby stuff!! I am in full baby mode now. 

How Far Along: 5 1/2 weeks

Baby is the size of: an orange seed! Teeny tiny!

Total weight gain: So far 0lbs! But I am super bloated so it feels like 20lbs already. 

Symptoms: I am so TIRED. All day. By the time 7pm hits, I feel like I am literally going to pass out. I get such awesome sleep, and have to set 3-4 different alarms in the morning because otherwise, I would probably sleep for days. Every night I try to stay awake longer to talk and hang out with Kody but I am out after just a few minutes of laying there! Poor Kody. That is it for now though! 

Cravings: EVERYTHING. My stomach is a bottomless pit! I feel like I have the appetite of a 16-year-old boy lately. We went to Chili's a few days ago and I got a turkey burger and fries and ate EVERYTHING clean off my plate and didn't even feel that full after. I remember thinking "hmmm that's weird". So my crazy appetite was honestly probably the first sign that I was pregnant. I want to eat everything in sight. So yes, I am sure the weight gain will come. Although, I hear the morning sickness starts at about 6 weeks so we'll see if my appetite sticks around. Cross your fingers I don't get super sick, I have school and work that I CANNOT miss!! 

Struggles: I went off of caffeine cold-turkey as soon as I got the positive test. So it has been a whole...3 days since my last soda (so, so, so, long). If you know me, you know that diet dr. pepper is a MAJOR part of my life, heart and soul. I have read how too much caffeine can hurt a fetus so I just decided to go big or go home and cut it out all together. It is tricky but I know I am doing it for a good cause so I think I can do it!

Exercising: Even though I want to sleep 24hrs/day, I have tried really hard to hit the gym every day. Because I'm not having very many symptoms, most of my usual workouts are fine. However, I can't help but feel a little cautious about running up stairs, squatting a lot of weight and doing hard-core workouts like that even though I have heard it is okay. I have mostly just been running/walking, doing spinning classes and I am trying to get more into yoga because I know how wonderful yoga is! Also, lets just throw out my ab workout plan I started a few weeks ago. Don't think that will have a purpose for a while. 

Discoveries: I have spent probably 50% of the last 72 hours on the "What to Expect" app. It is the best!! There is a whole group of ladies that are all due in June 2017 like me! I have been learning to much and have been getting so excited. 

Looking Forward To: The first ultrasound! I want so badly to see my little soybean and hear its heartbeat! I hear it is an amazing experience. And YES, babies have a heartbeat at 3 weeks and you can hear it at 6 weeks! Isn't that just nuts?! 

Although I am still verrrrry early along, I feel such a love for this little human and want to do everything in my power to make sure it is as healthy and safe as possible! Suddenly my worries about school assignments, news reports, work, cleaning the house, and doing all of those "important" things seem so small. Now, all that matters seems to matter in the whole world are two things 1) your family is safe, healthy, and happy and 2) the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Seriously, if you have those things, what else could you ever, ever want? I am so beyond grateful to get to experience all of this with my very best friend. Kody is going to be the sweetest, best, most fun dad ever and I can't wait to see him with our baby.

YAYYYYYY!!!!! :) :) :) 

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