Red, White and Blue

by - 11/07/2016

It is only Monday and my brain is already fried from schoolwork, so I am taking a little writing break. I never really know how these posts will come out. I kinda just start going and see where it takes me! :)

I can't beleieve that Election Day is almost here! Am I the only one who feels like this thing has gone on for like 1,000 years?

Not going to lie, election day is kind of like my version of a superbowl. I think I have a pretty good guess as to who will win, but I am anxious to see how it will all go down. I got all my news reporting stuff done today so I could just chill tomorrow and follow it all! As lame as that may sound, it's true. I am kind of a nut when it comes to this stuff. I blame you, mom for listening to all that talk radio in the car when I was growing up :) 

This was the first time I could vote in a presidential election! Last time I was only about 10 months too young and I was pretty bummed about it. I honestly wish I could be one of those people that says, "I just don't get into politics" or "I really don't care who wins. I don't like any politicians." but I just can't help myself but get into it all! I have had a lot of thoughts about this election and yes, I have my opinions on who I think should win. I don't reallly like to talk about it on my blog though. All I really want to say is that in the end, America is the greatest nation in the history of the world and will continue to be so, no matter who the president may be.

I feel like everyone is soo gloom and doom about this election (including myself at times). Our ancestors didn't give their lives for a nation, just to have it ruined by one (or a few) bad presidents. You can still feel pride for your country, you can still be grateful for your freedoms and you don't have to move away if someone you don't like gets elected.

So get out and vote with all your might and remember that this is YOUR country no matter who happens to be in the White House.

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