Bumpdate: Week 11

by - 11/20/2016

Today was one of the neatest days of my life! It was our first baby dr. appointment and first ultrasound! I had been looking forward to it for so long. I was super excited but also pretty nervous. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was really hoping for good news- which was exactly what we got (right after we stopped for breakfast at Chick-fil-a).

I was right on the dot for guesing what my due date would be. Dr. confirmed June 13th. My mom's birthday is the 12th, my parents' anniversary is the 14th and my birthday is the 16th. Plus father's day tends to fall during that week, so we are looking at a crazy few days in June! :)

The ultrasound was such a neat experience. Kody and I were so excited as we watched a little baby pop up on the screen! I didn't think it would be as big or as clear as it was. You could clearly see a big head, little arms and legs and a cute little bum! We got a kick out of how much it was moving around. Its arms were going up and down and it's teeny legs were kicking. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING. We are already obsessed with this baby. We also got to see a very clear heartbeat which was very comfoting and again, very cute :)

I also got to get my long list of questions answered and it was such a good experience. My docotor seems super sweet and cool so far so I felt good. The whole thing actually seems real now! Even though I can't feel it moving quite yet, there really is a little baby growing inside of me.

I haven't had any big self-esteem problems in the past but, I mean, I'm a girl. So, there have been lots of times where I haven't felt pretty or skinny enough. Especially lately. I have definately gained weight in the past few weeks (probably more than I should), and I just haven't felt super cute! But today I got a little wake-up call about how dumb it is to be so hard on myself. OUR BODIES ARE SO COOL. No matter how fun it is to make them look pretty, that isn't really the main point of them. Heavenly Father was thinking about a lot more than our looks when he made us. I looked at that baby on the screen and thought about how happy my parents must have felt when they saw a tiny version of me on their screen and they probably felt the same way I did. Kind of a random thought, but it's true! Our bodies are SO VALUABLE no matter what they look like. Our bodies constantly change. We are WAY too hard on ourselves and it is ridiculous! For the next 7 months I know my body is really going to change, but I hope to be able to look beyond the stretch marks, the spider veins and the number on the scale, and see what is actually important. I am so beyond grateful for this body and for this baby.


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