by - 2/05/2016

Growing up I always heard people saying, "there just isn't enough time in the day," and I never really understood what they meant. 
I also remember my mom being tired and wanting to take a nap and thinking Oh my goodness there are so many fun things you could do...why are you SLEEPING?? I didn't understand that either.
But now I do...I really do.
This semester is absolute NUTS you guys. 
I am in a 1/2 semester broadcast class that is SUPER important to do well in, and it has been stressing me out! Dealing with my other 4 classes + working at 2 places + trying to go to the gym everyday is really taking its toll! Kody has been working like crazy and going to school and we are both exhausted by the end of the day. 
I have become numb to my alarm, and need to make it look like this every morning, otherwise I risk missing class...(yes, when it is 6:10am, I have to remind myself to be positive, haha)

I have always been the type of person who can't stand staying at home on the weekends. On Saturday night I have to be doing something! Hanging out with people, going to dinner, walking around the mall- anything!! But now once the weekend hits, all we want to do is stay at home and watch Netflix (Better Call Saul is our new show) and sleep! I literally don't feel like going anywhere!
Now I am beginning to understand why adults seem to be boring...they're not boring, they're just tired!!
Once summer hits, we take a break from school and it isn't -100 degrees outside, we'll be back to our normal selves.
Props to you if you are successful at adult-ing because right now I'm not too sure I can commit to it :)

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