by - 1/14/2016

my current spot: my favorite little secret study place on campus...perfect for naps+watching TV+calling your mom

Late last week we found out that we got a new apartment
(which in Provo, that's a big deal because:
- number of apartments available in Provo for married people = 0
-number of people getting married in Provo = 10 million)
So yay for us! We got lucky! But that also means that we had to move, and moving is so not fun.
Especially when it is 14 degrees outside + you live on the third floor. We spent all day going up and down those darn stairs.
But now I am so happy because hey, we actually have room for things in this apartment! Our last one was so cute and cozy and fun because it was our first apartment BUT so beyond overpriced for 500 sq feet. This one has a whopping TWO bedrooms and we seriously don't know what to do with the other room. I think I'll put a yoga mat in there and tell everyone I have a home gym.

In other news:
-looking on Pinterest for dinner ideas is not a good idea when you're hungry (only 2 more hours until I can make that chicken parm)
-I am minoring in Family Life now, and I am DYING at how interesting everything is! It is seriously the coolest minor and I am so excited.
-You know life is busy when you are behind on both the bachelor + Kardashians...I haven't missed one in months.
-Our marriage is almost a one-year-old!! It is honestly so weird to me that it's been a whole year...people always say that marriage is SO hard and SO much work and blah blah blah (which it is sometimes) but honestly? IT IS AWESOME YOU GUYS! More on that later, but ya. 
-I have a theory that Vasa gym in Orem is the byu/uvu equivalent of a bar, because instead of working out, I am pretty sure 90% of the people go there for the sole purpose of hitting on each other. When I get done there I am a nasty, sweaty, makeup-less mess and everyone else is in full-faced makeup + hair extensions + smell like roses. Come on guys, not cool. It does get 5-stars for it's quality of people watching though.


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2 sweet note{s}

  1. Getting married in two weeks and reading your blog makes me even more excited for married life. Thanks! :)

    1. Oh congratulations! You really do have so much to be excited for :) Thanks so much for reading!