Good odds

by - 1/24/2016

I heard somewhere that there was a study that said that the less money you spend on your wedding + as newlyweds, the longer your marriage was predicted to last.
If that study is even a teeny bit true, it is very likely that Kody and I will be together forever! 
I have been reading these fashion blogs lately (I seriously don't know why I still do that to myself) and so many of these girls are around my age and somehow have these crazy, elaborate, massive houses. Like...HOW? How are you 20, not have a job and afford a brand new home
This world is insaaane. 
Someday I'll buy a pair of Valentino Rockstuds, have a beautiful all-white kitchen and go on a crazy vacation to Bora Bora with Kody. 
But for now we will just eat our mac and cheese in our 90's kitchen, shop at Ross and play Just Dance :)
(actually we'll probably always want to play Just Dance b/c we are obsessed)

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