My Hair Journey + Olaplex

by - 1/29/2016

I really enjoy talking about hair & beauty and that is something I want to do more on this blog! Like always, I don't do collaborations with any businesses unless they are products/brands that I look into on my own first, and that I actually like. I feel like lots of my favorite blogs have really been saturated lately with fake reviews of brands, and I always want to make sure I am honest and real with everything.
As many of you know, my hair has been through a lot. I grew up with light blonde hair, and as I got older I got bored with it, and in high school I decided to go brunette. Except I decided that I liked it really dark, and it ended up being close to black. I box-colored it myself all the way until my wedding a year ago.
Then, about a month after we were married, I decided I wanted to switch things up. I was getting tired of the super dark hair with my lighter skin and I just needed something new. So I went to a salon in California and started getting the ends lightened and tried to do an ombre. Then after that I decided I wanted to take the whole thing just a little lighter. Then I had orange-ish hair and didn't like that. And THEN I decided to go platinum (I am so bad at making up my mind, I know). After going to lots of different stylists, I went to Heather at Seasons Salon in Orem, UT and she helped me have the guts to pull the trigger and go all blonde. I was scared, but she did an AWESOME job! I was finally happy with it.

So many people ask me how I went from that dark to this light. Honestly, it is a good question because usually when people try to do that, they fry their hair right off. I trimmed off a few inches, but I was able to keep most of my length because my stylists all used Olaplex when they bleached my hair. Olaplex is honestly the greatest thing that's happened to my hair. Without it I'd probably have a pixie cut right now and I don't think I could pull that off. Basically there are 3 types of Olaplex. The first two the stylists use when they do your hair, and it is only sold to professionals. The #3, however, is sold in some places and you can use it as a type of hair mask. I just bought some today and am so excited to use it again, because I haven't in months. You just put it on your hair (mostly your ends), let it sit for 10 minutes, although I usually leave it for 45, and then wash it out. It feels so good and healthy when you're done. I'm not sure what exactly goes on chemically, but it does something that makes your hair feel and look so healthy. I had a stylist one time tell me that if used correctly, it can actually make your hair healthier than it was before you colored/bleached it. SO GREAT. And I feel like a lot of people haven't really heard of it, so you're welcome! 

You can buy it at a lot of salons, but sometimes you have to ask for it specifically because they don't have it out. The cheapest I have found it for is $28, but maybe you can do better (I know it's expensive. But this is something that I actually think is worth it).

So there's my hair journey. Let me know what you think about Olaplex or any other hair treatments you've tried!

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