by - 1/24/2016

This weekend Kody and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! It is so hard to believe that we got married over a year ago. Time is seriously flying and it is so surreal. 
This past year has been absolutely amazing. I have learned more about myself than I ever have and I have LOVED being with my best friend. 
Top things I learned during my first year of marriage:
-You can't care what everyone else thinks, you just can't. If you're 19 and married, EMBRACE IT. Everyone is different and does things differently. 
-the Gospel of Jesus Christ=most solid foundation a family can have
-YOU are the only one who make your marriage work and be happy. Not fate. Not money. Not romantic getaways. Not fun things. Not even God (although He does help), it is up to you...I already knew this before, but I just realize its' truth more and more all the time. And it is kind of awesome, you can make it whatever you want! :)
-You have to say when you want something. Men aren't mind readers and you can't expect them to be.
-Living along-just the two of you- is the most FUN THING EVER. You can literally walk around in your underwear anytime shame-free. (tmi? nah). 
-Going to the temple w/your spouse is one of the very best things in the world
-Kissing is still so fun even when you're married :)
-It is okay to be broke. You can totally rock those oak kitchen cabinets from the 90's...its all good :)
-stock up on ramen and mac and cheese because sometimes you don't feel like cooking
-Marriage is absolutely the best. I hear people all the time (especially on the internet) saying that they would much rather "travel the world, live in the city, and make money" than get married (b/c apparently you can't do both?) well, they are just full of it because marriage is better than all of those things combined.
LOVED this year with my sweetheart and can't wait to see what this next one brings.

And there ya have it. 

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