2016 Goals & Resolutions

by - 12/31/2015

2016 begins in about an hour and a half. Kody and I went to dinner and then came home, played cards and watched Breaking Bad. One of the best things about being married is being able to relax and be warm @ home on nights where everyone is out partying, and not even feel lame about it because you have a buddy being lame with you! :) It is great. BUT I still haven't gotten around to actually writing my goals down for this year. Sometimes I forget about my goals, but having them in the back of your mind is always a good thing! About every few months I make new ones...I don't know, it is always just good to evaluate your life and see where you can make improvements, even if it's not new years :)

1. Do better w/carbs
This is probably on 50% of America's resolutions, but it really is a struggle for me! I am OBSESSED with crackers and pretzels and bread! I want to try to avoid them all week, with one cheat (because otherwise I'll go insane).
2. Meditate
I have been doing very well on working out and running a lot, but I don't stretch or meditate near as much as I should! I don't mean to sound nutty, but it is super important! Life is crazy and whenever I take time to stop and relax for a few minutes and breathe, it makes things so much better. 

1. Smile, make eye contact & remember names
I feel like my communication with other people has gotten a bit lazy. For some reason I avoid making eye contact (I am afraid to be awkward or something?) and I always forget names!
2. Build up Resume
Write more, find internships, jobs and experiences that build upon my achievements and experiences and things for my future career(s)!

1. Attend the temple once a month
Kody and I are usually pretty good about going to the temple. I first went through about a year ago and I have absolutely loved going there. Just lately, though, we've been so busy and haven't gone as much as we want so this is one of our together-goals.
2. See the good in myself & build confidence
This is one of the biggest things I want to work on this year^. Lately I've had a hard time w/confidence (I guess we all do sometimes). And when I am confident I do so much better in everything (gospel, school, relationships), and I really would like to find ways to work on that.

So there ya go!! Now that I have it figured out, I am ready to go.
Happy 2016! :)

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