The Best of 2015

by - 12/31/2015

2015 has been SUCH a crazy, fun, amazing year that has been full of all kinds of changes. It has been, by far, the very best year of my life thus far. I usually say that every year, and I hope that year after year they just keep on getting better :) 2016 has a lot to live up to because this year has been absolutely awesome. Here are some highlights by month!

January- I MARRIED my best friend in the very best place on Earth. We were surrounded by family and friends and had the happiest day ever. It was everything I had dreamed it would be. We then went down to Mexico for the greatest honeymoon ever! January 2015 was easily one of the best months of my life, and the very beginning of the best days of my life :)


February- After our honeymoon we headed up to the awesome little mountain town of June Lake, California where we lived with Kody's Grandma Connie and worked at her resort! IT WAS SO FUN. I miss it so much. Kody also took me snowboarding for the first time!

March- We continued working at the resort, riding atv's around in the mountains and enjoyed small town life. This is also when I began my journey from brunette back to blonde. It was an awkward one, especially in the beginning when it was more of an orange than blonde, but it was okay :) We also took a few trips down to southern California and even went to Disneyland once! (hair getting more's ok).

April- We were sad to leave June Lake, but it was time to start school again so we moved back to Provo and into our first apartment together! It is so teeny but it is cute. Spring term also started and that was a very difficult one. Actually, both spring and summer were super hard, but still enjoyable. Also this is when my hair finally went good (all thanks to Heather @ Seasons Salon in Orem).

May- May was more school, more work, but more fun with my cute husband :) I am sure something great happened in May but I don't really remember.

June- It was my birthday and Kody got me tickets to Toby Keith! That meant a LOT because he hates country music more than anyone I know. But he was so nice and came with me anyway (and he grew a mustache). Something way crazy happened that night but it is too embarrassing to put on my blog so ask me in person :)

July- School was still tough, but we enjoyed every minute of summertime in Utah! Especially the beautiful hikes :) I also started my little photography business to bring in some extra $$$, and I was surprised at how busy it has kept me! I did my first few weddings and had lots of fun with them :)

August- All of our schoolwork over the whole summer paid off when we went on a beach house trip with Kody's family! We also went to Tennesse for a wedding and both trips were SO FUN. Highlight of our summer for sure.

September- Fall semester of school started and I didn't take any journalism classes over summer, just finished generals, so I was so excited to get back to my major! I seriously have the most fun major there is.

October- My family came up to Provo and I got to see them for the first time in over 9 months! I missed them so much and we had lots of fun :)

November- We went down to warm Arizona for Thanksgiving and had a blast in the desert :)

December- Our first Christmas together was so fun. It was my first Christmas away from my family, so I was a little sad but then I realized that Kody's family is my family too! We were only down in San Clemente for a few days but it was awesome. Also our Christmas tree was a cutie :)

All in all, it has been a wonderful, wonderful year for us. We are so grateful for our friends and family :) HAPPY 2016!!


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