by - 2/28/2016

On Friday we flew down to Arizona and yesterday I ran in the Phoenix Half-Marathon! I've always wanted to do a half, and so a few months ago I decided to sign up. It was my very first one (in fact, it was my first run of any kind) and so I was a little nervous. I have never even done a 5k! I wasn't sure what to expect, but oh my goodness guys, I LOVED IT :)
My cute sister-in-law recommended this training program and it was awesome. So for the past few months I have gone to the gym every single day except Sunday, and have been running 3-4 times a week. I keep telling people this, but the best part about the whole thing was the training! Even though I didn't loose a ton of weight and probably don't look much different, I feel amazing!! Being healthy is so much more than your weight, and has so much to do with how you feel. 
The actual race day was so much fun. I had to wake up at 4am and I was so sleepy, so that part wasn't as fun, but once I got to the starting line, I got really excited. Even though the sun wasn't up, there was music and Gatorade and thousands of people all hanging out. It was fun visiting with everyone. The atmosphere and overall feeling was amazing! I have had a blister on my foot and during mile one it started to really hurt and I got worried! But by some miracle it stopped and I was able to run the rest without any problems. I was able to run the entire thing and it could not have gone better. There is something amazing about working hard and doing something you thought you would never be able (or want) to do. 

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