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by - 9/16/2013

Dressing modestly in the year 2013 is SO not easy. 
I cannot tell you how many times I have drooled over adorable dresses/skirts that were too short,
tops that were two low or see-through, and of course- short shorts. 
Immodest clothes tend to be a lot cheaper than modest ones, and shopping can become soooo frustrating! 
If you are a girl who attempts to dress even a teeny bit modest in today's world, you know exactly what I am talking about.  
Thank goodness for cute (and inexpensive) companies like JunieBlake who make totally adorable AND modest clothing. 
 Co-owners and sisters Rachel Peck and Emma McBride along with their mom Lynn and Wick have a clothing store in Safford, Arizona called Sorellas Elite Fashion. They couldn't fill the void of "Modest" clothes in their store. They had a hard time finding ENOUGH items that were trendy, fashionable stylish AND modest. So, they decided to do it themselves! Which is where JB came about! It is an adorable clothing line that is modest without sacrificing style and having style without sacrificing modesty! Brilliant!
And they have decided to give TWO lucky readers $25 gift cards to buy anything from their website. 
I am way jealous of you are a few of my favorite things they have:

So, there are like tons of different ways to enter. Leave a comment for each step you complete. One comment=one entry and you can have up to 6 entries!

1. Follow IvyLauren blog, either on GFC or Blog Lovin'
2. Like JunieBlake on Facebook
3. Share the JunieBlake FB page on yours
4. Follow @JunieBlake on instagram 
5. Follow Junie Blake on Pinterest
6. Check out the JunieBlake website and tell me what you're favorite item is!

Good luck to everyone!!

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    4)Favorite item on the website is the Kelly skirt! Super Cute!! :)

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    4) i'm obsessed with the madison dress on the website!!

    thanks for sharing this on the WFAM page!

  3. Favorite item on the website is the Ardene dress :)

  4. And I just followed the Instagram!

  5. 1. Liked on Facebook
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    3. My favorite dress from the website is the Madison dress:)

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    3. My favorite item is the Madison dress. So cute!

  7. when does this challenge end? :)