Weekend Greatness

by - 9/23/2013

Well, this weekend was pretty much a straight up blast.
It began with a cute soccer player asking me to go watch his off-season game against Utah State.
And when a cute soccer player asks you to go to his game, you go. 
And you drag along some of your friends, of course :)

 I am so glad that Renee and Heather came along. Those girls are so much fun!

I left the soccer game early to go on a little mini-date with my friend Daniel.
It was a glorious night, you see, because I finally had my first bottle of real-life chocolate milk from the BYU creamery. It was way too good. Do not ever try it unless you plan on drinking it for the rest of your life.

Then came Saturday.
It was the BYU vs. Utah football game!
Me and Ashlin got to the stadium around 11 and waited in line all day for the game that started at 8:15.
We played cards, did homework (not really), had snacks and met lots of random, fun people!
BYU lost but I had so much fun, and I would totally do it all over again!

Ashlin (my roommate) is serioulsy SO much fun. We get along so great, and I am so happy she is crazy like me and doesn't mind waiting all day in line for football games! :)

Sunday was a rough day for everyone.
Nobody really got much sleep and it seemed like everyone dozed off at least once at early morning church.
But naps made everything better :)
Plus I finally got around to checking the mail, only to find another wonderful letter from Elder Skousen. I miss that guy so much. E-mails and letters from him (and his funny companion) just make my day all the time, even from far away.
 I had a few church meetings that went great, and the day ended with some wonderful tunnel singing, which I went to for my first time! If you're at the Y and have never gone, do it! It is pretty much just a bunch of college kids singing hymns under a tunnel that echos and sounds super neat.

Now it's Monday, and it's time to get back in the swing of things!
I am off to the creamery to buy food, because I practically have none.
Thank you Mama, for always shopping and making sure we didn't starve. I am beginning to see how much you really do for everyone.
I miss that cute lady.
Oh and the JunieBlake giveaway goes until Friday, so go enter now!
Just scroll right on down... :)


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