15 Fun College Facts

by - 9/05/2013

1. I live very close to the Creamery. It probably isn't a good thing. 
2. Y-Serve groups are the funnest. 
3. It's weird being in classes with married people.
4. BYU's campus is absolutely beautiful
5. My FHE group has 3 boys and 14 girls. Everybody is on a mission it seems like. The lucky freshman boys who are here get to be surrounded by girls. Why can't it be the other way around? 
6. All of my classes (besides one) have at least 120 people in them. It is pretty cool. 
7. My biology professor is absolutely hilarious. 
8. It is way cool going to a school that sings hymns and prays at almost the beginning of every class. This place is awesome. 
9. I cannot wait for football to start. 
10. I feel like I talk to my parents now, more than I did when I was at home! They always give me calls to tell me random stuff, or send me funny pictures and I just love them. 
11. I don't have a laptop. I can't decide. Mac or PC? 
12.  There is a guy in my bio class that looks JUST LIKE Kurtis. Not from the front really, but definitely from the side. Not even kidding at all. It gave me a mini-heart attack when I walked into class. I think he was probably super creeped out by me staring at him all hour. But it was way too weird not to stare.
13. Speaking of him ^, K got transferred right when I moved here. So now we are both in new, strange places! 
14. I keep telling myself, "Okay, today I will go running," but I never do. So...ya.
15. College is a fun place to be. 

Have a happy Thursday!

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1 sweet note{s}

  1. MAC! My Mac has lasted me all throughout college, and even now that I'm done with college. Last year, it even survived me dropping a cup of water on it. Macs the way to go. And btw, I know what you mean about the praying before every class, at byuh it was policy that we had prayer at the beginning of every class and I loved it. That's why I feel so grateful to have attended a church college. It's totally a different experience, but I loved it so much.