Winner Winner

by - 9/05/2013

Oh hey guys. So sorry I have put this off, but I need to announce some GIVEAWAY WINNERS :)

The winner of the HomeState Apparel t-shirt is Cora James, from Texas (I had so much fun reading everybody's comments about where they live. They all sound so wonderful)! 
And the winner of the ParkSoap giveaway is Hallie Graves!!
Congratulations girls!! E-mail me or comment on this post and include your e-mail so that we can get the wonderful stuff to ya! :) 


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1 sweet note{s}

  1. Hi! I just saw this, so I didn't realize that I won the HomeState Apparel Shirt. Sorry it took so long! Can I get the details from you? my email address is Thanks so much! You're the cutest! :)