by - 9/03/2013

This poor little blog of mine. It has been so neglected lately. I have all kinds of things to take care of on here. But right now I am just going to give a little update on what I have been up to lately.
What a CRAZY past week this has been.

It seemed like all of a sudden, in one week, all the problems in the world began happening. I won't get into any of it,  but it was rough and I'm glad that week is over. I finnally moved up here to the beautiful state of Utah. It is so green and pretty. I do miss my warm, sunny desert, but I can handle being here for a little while.
My parents were going to drive me up here, but my brothers wanted to come to, so we all just took a little trip up here, and it was so much fun :) I love those guys so much. We took a nice long drive up around Park City and the other ski resorts up that way (seriously. Utah has the most scenic drives ever), and just hung out! Then they helped me move into my cute little apartment/dorm thing and they began their 14-hour drive home. It broke my heart saying goodbye to my favorite people in the whole world. I miss them so much! Good thing they are coming up next month for General Conference. I can hardly wait. OH! And thank goodness for modern-day technology. Everyone back home is always just a call (or a facetime) away. It is awesome.
Aren't these guys just the sweetest??

 The very best parents in the whole world!

I am absolutely loving it here. It is always a little bit tough those first few days of doing anything new, but I am adjusting and already having a fun time. I was super worried about my roommates. I had no idea how it would be, moving in with 5 random girls that I've never met, but they are so much fun! Last night I came home to find a bunch of people in my apartment having a movie night. Yes, on a school night. College is great.

So, I've been shopping for college stuff the past month or so, and I never realized how much pink stuff I got until now! Holy cow. I am still working on decorating, but here's what my little room looks like (don't mind my 7-eleven big gulp). I attempted a picture heart, and it's a teeny bit crooked. But I am to lazy to re-do it, so crooked is how it will stay!

Anyways, that's pretty much how things have been! Weird, scary, strange, sad, but absolutely wonderful. I think this is going to be a great semester.

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