Lovely Weekend

by - 8/18/2013

This past week was my last week at work (thank.goodness), and was followed by a wonderful weekend!

Fridays are always the best because thats when I get letters from this cute boy ^^, who, by the way, hits his SIX MONTH MARK tomorrow! Waitwhat. Holy smokes, I can't even believe it has been that long. Like, some days it has felt like he's been gone for at least ten years, but when I really look back, it seems like just yesterday I was saying goodbye! I miss him lots, but i know that he's killin' it out there (spiritually of course) :).

Then, speaking of missionaries, one of my favorite people in the world, my cousin Hunter, is leaving for the MTC this Wednesday. Ever since we were little we have been super good buds. We have always been in the same grade level, got baptised on the same day, and now we'll be up in Provo at the same time for a little while, while he's at the MTC and I start school (same day cookie delivery!). What is our family going to do without his hilarious-ness for two years? I tell ya, whoever gets him as a companion is going to have so much fun. Anyways, every Sunday night since I could remember, all of my family has always gotten together at my Grandmas house for dinner. It has always been so much fun! Tonight was the last time, for a long while, that all of the cute cousins will be together. My family is the best and I just love all these crazy guys.

Saturday night, (I know, I'm not going in order here) we went to my favorite reasturant on the planet, good ol' Joes. My brothers hate it when i take pictures of them, but i dont really care :) They're way too cute not to. 
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Hope ya'll have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Aww such a cute post with cute pics! You have a lovely little blog here.. happy to be a new follower!