HomeState Apparel and Giveaway!

by - 8/11/2013

Hi hi hi! Sorry about my total lack of blogging lately. I have had serious bloggers block and haven't been able to concentrate enough to write something good. I'll start on a post, thinking it is going to be the greatest thing ever, and about two sentences in, I'll either get distracted and realize the Wendy Williams show is on, or realize that my writing actually isn't going to be that great. But I'll keep working on it and one of these days a brilliant and interesting idea will pop into my head.
You know those fun t-shirts with states on them? Of course ya do, well. The original makers of these shirts, HomeState Apparel, sent me a lovely one in the mail the other day and they are giving away one of them to one of my readers. Wahhhoooo! 
They make them for any state, and they say "home" on them.
Plus they are suuuuper comfy for you guys who are like me, and have a weird obsession with comfy, big t-shirts.
And for all you MG's, people living away from home, or people who have someone living away from home, it is the most perfect gift ever.
Go check them out. They are cheap, and you will not regret it.  
I love my beautiful Arizona. And I love this shirt!

Okay, so on a total side note. You guys! I am SO not a fashion blogger. Taking these pictures was the worst thing ever! How the heck do people take pictures of themselves without being totally and completely awkward and absolutely HATING it? Like really, they need to have picture taking classes or something for people like me. Sorry to ramble, I just had to say something.  

(leave a separate comment for each step you complete. One comment = one entry. So you can have up to 4 comments!)
-must be a follower of IvyLauren blog, either on GCF (over to the right) or BlogLovin'!
-blog, tweet, or post on instagram, facebook or pinterest about the giveaway 
-comment and tell me what state your from and what you love most about living there. I want to hear! 

Oh and uh, hey you! While you're at it, go enter this other giveaway that is going down right now too!
Have a happy week cutie pies!!


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14 sweet note{s}

  1. These t-shirts are adorable. I totally want one!

    1. mmh. i'm from NC. (or Utah. whichever floats your boat.) that's kind of important.
      i feel silly leaving a bajillion comments. so, hi i follow your blog. (:

  2. I follow you on bloglovin! And GFC! :)

  3. I follow you on Instagram and bloglovin'! I'm from Texas and my favorite thing about it is the Southern Hospitality. (I know a lot of people don't think Texas is the 'Real South' but I do, and I love it. :) )
    Thank you! Your blog is super cute. Love it!

  4. I follow your blog, and I follow you on instagram, and I tweeted about it. Can you tell I really love this shirt?! :) I'm from AZ like you, and I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. From the heat, to the gorgeous sunsets, to the amazing hikes, and the plethora of saguaro cacti. I love the wild life. I love that you can travel just a few hours and be in a forest by the rim, or a few hours another way and be in the red rock of Sedona. I love swimming. I love that my family lives in Arizona. I love the Mesa temple, and the Snowflake temple, and the Gila Valley temple, and the Gilbert temple, and the Phoenix temple. I love my high school--the oldest one in Arizona that has so much tradition. I love the hole in the wall food places. I LOVE THE MEXICAN FOOD. I love the winter here with no snow. I ADORE MONSOON SEASON. The thunder. The lightning. The haboobs. The rain. Everything about it. I'm kind of obsessed with Arizona, and everything about it. It just makes me all kinds of happy. :) Oh, and I love your blog. :)

  5. I requested to follow you on Instagram! :)

  6. I am also following you on BlogLovin'!

  7. I am also from Arizona and I have lived here my whole life! I LOVE Arizona! I think it has been a perfect state to grow up in and I love so many things about it! My favorite things about Arizona are the breathtaking sunsets, the Mexican Food, and the amazing smell of the rain here! I'm an AZ girl! :)

  8. I know I probably don't have a chance at winning this giveaway since I already won the bow, but I have 2 place I call home.
    California because its the place I grew up and where my family is
    And Hawaii because it's where I was all on my own, growing up and figuring who I was. Haha I had the opportunity to attend BYUH, so Hawaii is definitely my second home. So I'll be needing to buy 2 of these shirts.

  9. I actually love the sun in AZ the Virginia snow is going to freeze off my limbs! When I golf I can feel my skin soaking up the rays and I love it!!

  10. I just made a great pinterest post about these adorable shirts!! ;)

  11. Look who has a new blog follower!!