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by - 8/01/2013

My bedroom currently looks like a little tornado came through. A little, very organized tornado, that is. There are little piles of organized things everywhere, as I try and get ready to move to Utah for a few months for my first semester of college. I also have been finding ads and coupons and have been trying to price everything out. Everything. I have discovered how cheap-y I am. Like, it absolutely kills me to buy anything full priced. I can't really tell if that's a good or bad thing. Haha, it is kind of ridiculous.

I am so beyond excited- I absolutely love meeting new people and being in a new place, even if it is a little scary. I'm exited to go to a place where the seasons actually change (I love Arizona but lets face it, there is only two seasons here- summer and the chillier version of summer). I am exited to have a little kitchen and to make yummy food in it! That is, if I ever have time. I am excited for the college football games to begin, to be able to wear long-sleeve shirts, to learn new things, to set up my little, comfy dorm, and for lots of other new things.
So ya, I am really excited but I also can't help but feel a little bit stressed out. I mean, I've never done this before.

So, for those of you who are older and wiser than me (or even if you are just wiser), what is some advice that you would give other people for being successful during their first year of college? What things do you wish you would have done differently? The same?

1 more day till Friday. We got this.

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  1. Where are you going to school?! I go to BYU, and I just finished my first year! :) I LOVED it my second semester, but my first semester was really rough. Make sure you don't take too many classes. Make sure you go to all of your FHE activities/Make sure that you support your ward members in their callings. Don't think you're "too cool" to talk to anyone--that's how you miss out on meeting some of the coolest and most interesting people ever! Be nice to everyone! Sit up close in lectures--professors will notice you better. BE YOURSELF. (I had a hard time with that because some people told me that the "me" I was was too rude, and people wouldn't like it...but honestly, as soon as I was ME, I had such an easier time making friends! EXERCISE: You'll probably never want to--but it's necessary. And it'll help especially if you have a roommate you aren't the most fond of! ;) Exercise gives you endorphins! haha Meet your bishop as soon as you can--and the counselors! They will become some of your favorite people! Enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts--Utah cold weather is amazing, but I wish I would've gone out and taken bike rides, and played outside while it was beautiful...because AZ heat, and Utah heat are two different ball games; COMPLETELY! haha TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES! If you are invited, go. You can always leave early if you hate it. (I missed out on so many things just because I didn't want to go...) You don't always have to get ready--that is a false perception you might feel in Utah. (I felt that way the first month or two...then I realized..heck...if I meet a guy when I'm "not ready" then he'll like me even more when he sees me "ready". haha) Do your visiting teaching! Go on nature walks! Go to the temple! Go to ward prayer/go to all of your ward activities and be friends with your ward! I LOVED my ward SOOOO much, and, heck, it's always going to be FREE FOOD, and lots of fun! :) Hot tub. Those two words = my freshman career. haha Make yourself step out of your comfort zone at least once a week. It'll help you grow. DO YOUR HOMEWORK THE NIGHT IT'S ASSIGNED. haha DECORATE! That was my favorite thing ever. Having pictures, and crafts and fun stuff up that reminded me of home/the holidays/anything. It makes you feel like you have your own home. Don't always wait for someone else to initiate something--plan an activity! :) Okay, I'll get off my pedestal now: sorry this was a novel! BUT I'd love to talk more if you want! :) haha the biggest thing, is just to ENJOY THE NOW! You don't want to look back on the time you spent with regrets. :)

    1. Ah, this was the best comment ever, thanks girl! Ya I will be up there in a little under a month! I am taking 14 credit hours, which I think should be fine?? Are you going to be there this year? That was such good advice, you are the best! Thanks sooo much! :)

  2. your little list is totally me right now haha. Aaaah I know what you mean, so crazy and so exciting! LOVE YOU!