It's Not Supposed to be Cold Yet

by - 9/26/2013

I woke up this morning to this. 
It was cold outside. SO COLD.
And see that white stuff on those mountains? That is actual snow, people. 
Hold up.
Let me remind you that today is September 26th. Technically Fall has just started.
This isn't right.
While I walked home freezing in the rain and fog, my mama sends me a picture of everybody swimming out in the sunshine.
I have lived my entire life in Arizona, where there isn't really even such a thing as winter.
I am not fond of this "cold" that everybody is talking about.
And you know what the scariest part is? 
Can you imagine how it is going to be in November? December? January?

I am crossing my fingers that this is just some kind of one-time storm that will be gone soon and it will go back to normal temperatures for a little while.
Please, oh please let that be the case. I am not ready for the cold!
Unless, of course, it means snuggling up, watching Elf and drinking hot chocolate. I can do that part.
Okay, I am going to stop complaining about the weather now. 
It is almost Friday!


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