Another Weekend in College

by - 10/01/2013

I'm fine if the snow stays on the mountains. It's once it gets down here that we have a problem.

Every day is great around here. But weekends? They are even better!
This weekend was cold. Too cold. 
But when it is cold outside, people don't like to get to the football game very early, so sometimes you end up getting front row seats and having a super fun time.

These girls are the best. We decided it was too cold to just stand there. So we went a little bit crazy and had a mini dance party in line.

The football game was FREEZING.
Is it too late to change my mind about this whole living-in-Utah thing? ;)
But I learned that sometimes, when you're having tons of fun, the cold doesn't really matter.
Also, ESPN filmed us so that pretty much makes me a famous person now.

On Saturday me and Lindsey went to the temple and then went and got some yummy ice cream. Isn't she just the cutest? I missed that girl!! I love that she loves the temple. And that she loves ice cream too :)

Saturday night was the Relief Society General Broadcast.
So good. Everything I needed to hear, perfectly put.
Right after that I went on a date with my friend Devon. We went to a comedy show that was GREAT and then played card games and I won.
Sunday was wonderful, just like it always is. Me and Ashlin made shredded beef burritos for dinner and they were yummy.

I'd say it was a successful weekend.
Lots more to come!

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