Weekend with Pops

by - 10/27/2013

This weekend was so fun! My dad, uncle and grandpa all came up to HANG OUT WITH ME! And go to the football game. Yup, I got to crash the bro weekend. 
On Friday, dad and Uncle Ryan decided they'd come to my geography class with me...why not?!
I think the other people in my class must have been wondering what I was doing sitting in-between to big, older guys, but it was so funny. 
Then it was time for football!
We somehow got to watch the first half from the front row, right at the 50-yard line. How, you ask? I have no idea! But it was so fun! 

This guy is seriously the coolest dad there ever was. He then decided to come sit in the crazy student section with me and all my friends.What other dad in the entire world would do that, I ask you? 
All of the guys we were with thought he was the coolest ever, and they were sad when the game was over and we were leaving. Were they sad I was leaving? No. Just that he was. 

We went to the Pie Pizzeria in downtown Salt Lake. Soo yummy. I have tons of left overs in my fridge if you want to come get some. Notice how I am strategically covering up the "U" on the sign :)

The rest of the time consisted of eating all sorts of yummy food, going to Salt Lake, eating more food and talking about sports. 
Oh and going to battle-of-the-bands. 
Yup, grandpa went to a college rock concert. 
Anwways. I had lots of fun! Except for when I had to say bye again. I DO NOT like goodbyes. At all. 
But Thanksgiving is right around the corner-ish. 
Hope your Sabbath is lovely!

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  1. aww I love this. Okay and I love your dad SO much!! Also, I am coming to get leftovers in your fridge, PS:) love you!