Early Morning Hike

by - 10/19/2013

When I was little, I was never tired. I'd wake up early just for fun and then go and go all day long.
When I hit high school, I became a fan of naps, and a strong dis-liker of early morning activities.
Now that I'm in college, there is never a time where I'm not tired.
I've learned that having a class anytime before 10 is absolutely insanity,
and early morning activities are a definite no-go for any college student. 
BUT, this morning we all woke up early and went for a hike.
It was freezing. But it was fun.
My roommates crack me up. 

Don't mind my awkward hands. I never know what to do with them. 

 Provo is pretty.

Have a super happy weekend!

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