Thursday in Provo

by - 10/24/2013

This morning started off with a little trip to the temple, a.k.a one of my favorite places in the whole darn world. 
Lately life has been oh so good, but I am still getting used two the whole I'm-an-adult thing. Trying to decide exactly what classes to take next semester, what emphasis I want to pursue in my major, things that, in the big scheme of things, actually aren't all that important, but right now they seem to be a huge deal.
Like always, I stress and research and ask people and I get so caught up in trying to handle it myself, that I almost forget to do the obvious things that are important, and will bring me an answer.
i.e, go to the temple. 
I love being there, and I love how absolutely calming it is. The second I walk in those doors (or even on the temple grounds), I feel at home, and I know that whatever hard thing is going on, everything will be okay. 
It was peaceful and beautiful and simple and perfect.
And totally worth the walk there and back in heels. 
The temple is always, always worth the walk. 

Later on I went with Renee to the little duck pond near our apartments and fed the ducks bread for part of a biology project thing. Don't ask. 

As you can see, there are no ducks in this picture. I had FREE food, and they didn't care all that much. The ducks on campus are so spoiled.

After that I had my last class, edited an essay over and over 1000x, finished some geography homework and then headed over to the creamery. 
Now me and Ashlin are shamelessly enjoying some nice ice cream in our cute little room. 
It was one of those days where the world is just happy. 

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