Pre-Weekend Stuff

by - 10/05/2013

Yesterday was a day filled with all kinds of fun things.
I was able to go up to the Skyroom Resturant for a scholarship lunch!
It was so fancy. I had no idea that place was so cool!
I got the opportunity to meet these two lovely people who, without them, I couldn't be going to school. They were so funny! And so sweet. 

My cute grandparents flew in and took me to Olive Garden!! YUM YUM YUM.
Aren't they just the sweetest guys ever? 
Photo credit goes to our cute waiter. 

 Last night was a pink tights/studying/watching Johnny Lingo kind of night. It was good. 

Things are slowly getting more white around here. Not cool Utah, not cool. 
I thought there was supposed to be a little thing called Fall in between Summer and Winter? Hmmm....

 Friday night football game in the Wilk. 

Annnnd now it is time for general conference!
And time for my family to come up and visit me!
And for other fun things like that!
Have a happy weekend!


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