by - 9/15/2013

It felt like that first week of college just dragged on  f o r e v e r.
The second week? Blew right on by!
It was a great weekend....I need to take more pictures of things but these will just have to do!

Last night I went on a date to the women's soccer game. Oh my goodness, soccer is SO fun to watch. Even though we didn't win. So fun!

1. I love to write letters. And I love my cute (and SUPER comfy) bed. And I got new shoes. So ya. 
2. Guys! Exciting news! My new 2013 edition of scriptures came in the mail! It was such an exciting day. 
3. I got to go watch the cutest little relief society fireside with these two amazing people! They gave such wonderful and uplifting talks. I want me and my husband to be like them when we are old. They are adorable and I loved everything they said about what it means to be a covenant woman, which in this day and age, isn't always an easy thing. BYU always has such wonderful speakers and firesides. 

1. D&C 6:36 I.love.this.scripture. 
2. I have such cute roommates, seriously. These girls are SO  fun and I love them all so much. 
3.Provo is such a pretty place, and my pictures so do not do it justice.

The Wall is the coolest place ever. Or at least it was on Friday night. I somehow ended up being the only girl in the group, which actually was pretty fun. They had some really good bands and it was a big party.

1. I am in love with my room. Actually I'm in love with my whole apartment.
2. Me and Megan matched today. Totally unplanned. We take awkward pictures, I know.
3. We went to the BYU art museum for the new exhibit party. They had Italian sodas. I felt super classy and it was fun. 

Anyways. It was a fabulous weekend. Have I told you that I love it here? Cause I do. And it is going to be a fabulous week because there is a super great giveaway that'll be happening tomorrow morning. Woohoo!
Happy Sunday!

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