Tips for a Chunky Braid

by - 10/01/2016

For so long now I have been trying to get a good, chunky, french side-braid. It looks so easy but when when you go to try it, it seems so impossible! Well, the other day I feel like I got it finally, so I put together a little list of my tips for creating the perfect braid!

-RAT IT. You literally need to rat your entire hair from root to end before braiding. You should look like a crazy lion before you start braiding!

-Use Extensions. If you don't have super long hair, it can help to add some pieces of clip-in extensions (read more here about my tips for finding the perfect clip-ins)!

-Braid as close to your head as possible. At first, try to make it a super tight braid! You will loosen it up later. 

-Pull the braid once it is in. This is the trick to making it look bigger! Once you have the elastic in, tug on the outsides of the braid, all the way up, and loosen it up as much as you want!

Happy braiding!

p.s here are some of the products I used on my hair when I did this braid!

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