Happy, Happy, Happy

by - 10/09/2016

So, a lot has been going on lately. 
With school, work, church callings and everything else, my head is spinning!
However, I can't help but feel grateful for all of the wonderful little things going on in my life! Here's a little update on what's been going on with us!

SO. MANY. WEDDINGS lately! I am so happy that so many people we know decide to get married in Utah, because we get to go! I love, love, love weddings. I thought after my wedding was over, I would be bored by them but nope! Still so magical and fun and sweet :)

I MADE CINNAMON ROLLS FOR THE FIRST TIME! I have seen them made, helped make them, but I haven't ever made them 100% on my own until last weekend. We decided to implement the cinnamon-rolls-for-conference-weekend tradition for the first time and they turned out great! I used this recipe

The other day I came home from the LONGEST day of work/school to a super clean apartment, a 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper and these gorgeous flowers! There are few things in this world I love more than being surprised by flowers, and I was pretty emotional that day so yes, I did cry. I LOVE MY HUSBAND. 

Sometimes when you have gone to BYU games for 3+ years, you get lazy and don't want to stand up for 4 hours in the student section. So, you sneak into the real seats and it is super fun! Shhhh ;) 

A few weeks ago we went to a Blink-182 concert. It was so fun!!!! Do I know the words to more than one of their songs? No! But I would seriously go to ANY concert and probably have a good time. They are so fun. It literally rained the ENTIRE time, and we were 100% soaked and 200% cold. But for some reason that made it crazier and more fun! This was the best picture we got (the rain), but it was a good time. 

Sometimes I sneak pictures in the car on date nights...Kody gets mad sometimes but this was just such a simple, sweet moment that I had to! :)

LIFE TIP: Go on dates!!!!! Whether you have 10 kids, no kids, lots of money, no money, somewhere to go, nowhere to go, or whatever other situation you're in, HAVE LOTS OF DATE NIGHTS! They are so so so good for you and they are so fun. 

Since we got married, making wreaths has kind of become my thing. I made this one yesterday and it was soooo easy. I literally grabbed a bunch of flowers I liked from wal-mart and then put them all together! It was probably like $12 total. 

I did my first on-air news segment! SO FUN! Not sure who is watching Eleven News on Wednesdays, but whoever does gets to see my stories! :)

So there's the little update! Have a happy week! :)

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  1. Y'all two are precious! I agree, date nights are a must!! And I had no idea you worked for a news channel! How cool is that?!