Six Years

by - 7/15/2019

Right now Kody and I are in a big U-Haul, towing one of our cars and driving out of Salt Lake City. We found a cute house in Arizona and are sooo excited and ready to continue our lives there (also excited to see our cute baby who is staying with my parents while we do all this fun moving stuff).

I will talk a lot more about our new place later but right now I thought it would be a good time to reflect back on the past few years since I made the move up here.

Six years ago I was a brand new high school graduate working at Sonic, saving money and getting ready to head up to Utah to start college at Brigham Young University.

I was so nervous and excited all at the same time! You can read alllllllll about that whole experience here.

So many incredible, life changing, fun, and challenging things have happened since I came up here! The past six years have included:

-meeting new people (roommates, ward members, boys, professors, employers, neighbors, and friends)
-lots of time spent in classes and studying
-so many fun dates with so many different people
-football, basketball and soccer games
-doing photography
-falling in love, getting engaged and getting married ♥️
-living in California for a few months with Kodys cute grandma
-living in 3 different single housing places and 3 different little apartments with Kody (and jack)
-missing my family and friends at home
-working at the Cougareat, the MOA cafe, Bowl of Heaven, and BYU Radio
-going on lots of hikes
--blogging & taking lots of pictures
-getting to attend general conference and visit so many temples
-going to concerts
--going from brunette to blonde and then back to brunette
-reporting the news
-experiencing pregnancy while working and going to school almost all 9 months
-falling in love with working out
-more schoolwork and eventually finishing my classes and graduating in under 4 years
-starting a business
-watching Kody play sports
-having a baby
-holding different church callings
-moving up to the Salt Lake City area
-taking Jack for walks & playing on the playgrounds
-absolutely hating the winters 🙈
-visits to the aquarium
-play dates & meeting other fun moms
-lots of Uber driving
-LOTS of work...
-& lots of love!

I definitely complained a few times about being here for what has felt like so long (about the weather, the culture, the millions of potholes and endless road construction) but the truth is that this place has been absolutely awesome for me and choosing coming here was one of the best decisions I've ever made. This place will always hold some of my best memories.

I mean, the very BEST things of my entire life came from moving here- Kody and Jack ♥️ There isn't ANYTHING I wouldn't have done to get them (I would live in Utah forever if it meant being with him) and I am so excited to get to take them back home with me!!!!! Woohoo!

Thank you for some of the best times if my life, Utah ♥️♥️♥️


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