Our First Summer in Arizona

by - 8/01/2019

We found a house, moved allll our stuff down here from Utah and now are officially settled in here in Arizona :) It is just a great feeling!!!

It is hot here and I mean HOT! But, even in this heat we are having the best summer!!!

Getting ready to see Lion King!

Jack LOOOOVES his little bike he got from aunt Kati!

Trying on Uncle Gunnar's new boots 

One day me, my mom and Jack went to downtown Mesa to look at antiques and it was such a nice afternoon. Jack was so good and got some ice cream.

One of my favorite times of the day- when everything slows down and I have a clean, comfy, happy baby.

Jack's new little book wall in his room

My two guys at the movies

the before picture- Jack's first professionally-done haircut at Great clips :)

Jack and my grandpa hanging out at Organ Stop pizza!

Our sweet little porch! Wish there was more room to add a plant or something but it is so teeny-tiny!

My cute mom holding Jack and pretending he is a newborn, haha!

Little man looooves the fishies at wal mart

The other day Kody came home from work with these and it made me so happy! When you are in the middle of moving, are trying to figure out frustrating finances and have a lot going on, getting flowers is a BIG deal. I love Kody so, so much.

Me and my brother visiting our cousin Zach at his work (and grabbing a soda). He leaves on his mission to California in a few weeks!

Our little living room is coming along and I just think it's so cute and cozy

Jack reading a book we found at the library

Splash pad fun!!

Loving this new chapter so much already :)


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