24 Things for 24 Years

by - 7/10/2019

24 random things about life lately and turning 24:

1. My birthday was on Father's day this year! It happens every 7 (?) or so years. 

2. My cute mom got this sign for my birthday! (okay so maybe it was more for Jack's birthday which was the next day, considering it is a lego-themed sign but still!)

3. 24 has always been a number I've liked! In 5th grade we were all assigned a number for the year based on where we were in the class ABC order and I was #24!

4. Kody took me on a little staycation getaway in Scottsdale a few days after my birthday and it was the BEST. I love little getaways like that! So much fun. Time alone with my hubby, hot tubs, night swimming, yummy food/drinks and getting to sleep in?? Seriously the best gift anyone could get me. Will try and post more about that later!

5. We are currently in the process of moving from Utah to Arizona (more on that later too), and everything lately is nuts!

6. We are staying with my parents while we find a place of our own and even though things are crazy (and totally cramped), being at their house is so fun!! I missed them so much.

7. Finding a decent, affordable place to rent is easy. I have found like 15. Getting ahold of property managers and actually getting the rental? NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. We have had such a hard time finding a place to live.

8. BUT we actually got lucky found our new place today and I am so pumped!!! It is so cute and bright and in our price range and I just love it. I called the realtor literally like 45 minutes after it was listed (early in the morning) and somehow was able to be the first one to see it even though it became super popular. Also, it is a HOUSE, not an apartment which I am so beyond excited about. All of our married life we have been in little apartments and now it feels like we are in the big leagues! It is a little house, but it is a cute house and it will be our HOME for the next while! So. so. so. excited.

9. 2 years ago I went into labor ON my 22nd birthday. I didn't get PF Changs birthday dinner, but I did get a baby!! Best birthday weekend ever.

10. Kody & I are soooo not used to the sun/heat. In the past 3 weeks we have both gotten totally sick from the sun! In california a few weeks ago I got suburned pretty bad and ended up feeling like I had the flu for the entire next day. Kody had the same thing happen a few days ago. Nobody else got sick so I don't think it was viral/anything contagious, it was just awful! Living in Utah for 6 years and then moving to Arizona in the summer can mess you up for a bit and we definitely need to be more careful.

11. I am in SUCH a workout funk lately. 

12. The other night we watched the movie on Netflix with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston (forgot what it was called but you probably know what I'm talking about) and I LOVED it! So cute, so funny, so dumb and so my-type-of-movie.

13. We are going up to June Lake, California next week for the 4th and I'm so excited.

14. The 4th of July is one of the best days of the year (second only to Christmas). It is so casual and fun! I love anything-America and I love summertime so it is just great.

15. Ever since becoming a mom I have the HARDEST time reading the news. Especially when ithe stories involve children. A sweet little girl went missing in Utah a few weeks ago and I was in such a sad mood for a few days and just couldn't shake it. The talk about late-term abortion (or abortion as a whole really), the innocent little kids down at the border...just all of that makes me so, so, so sad lately and it is almost like it physically hurts to see it all going on. Every night I just have to take a minute to squeeze my sweet little Jack and thank God that he is in my arms, safe and loved. 

16. Speaking of Jack, I just straight up L O V E that kid. Have I mentioned that before?

17. I got a new journal and started writing in it again! Whenever my life gets crazy, writing things down helps me tremendously. Writing in my journal (or even on this blog) helps me see things so much clearer and helps me organize my thoughts :)

18. Something I really want to do lately is find new mom friends (or non-mom friends)! Moving is hard in a lot of ways, one of them being social. I took Jack to a little playdate with a girl his age (the daughter of a girl I didn't know toooo well) this week and it was so fun!!! Good friends are the best.

19. Kody's sister, Kati is also moving from Utah to Arizona which makes me so happy! We just love her (and her husband and cute dogs) and it will be awesome living by them again.

20. I need to go to the temple. I have been sooooo bad at it since I've had Jack. In Utah it was almost impossible to go because we didn't have babysitters for Jack so I rarely did. Now that we live with my parents I have no excuse!!!

21. Some days I feel older than 24. Like I have been married for 20 years and am a super experienced mom, etc. But at the same time I think it's absolute nuts that I'm 24 because in my mind I feel like I'm a child. Every now and then when I'm at places like Chick Fil A when and go to ask for a refil, for a split second I feel like none of the workers will pay attention to me because I'm just a little kid. Then I'm like "wait a second! i'm a grown-a woman!!" and it's kind of a funny feeling.

22. I LOVE living with my mo and getting to hang out with her everyday! I have dreamt of lunch dates with her and Jack for so long.

23. I have been doing some work for my dad since moving here (he's a general contractor and I have been wanting to work for him so long but have lived too far away to do so). Super exciting things are in the works!!! :)

24. I am just so excited to be 24 and am ready to make this the BEST YEAR of my life so far :)


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