Jack Turns 2

by - 7/10/2019

A couple of weeks ago my teeny, tiny, innocent little baby turned TWO YEARS OLD!!!!! Crazy, right? It literally feels like two seconds ago I was holding him on my chest at the hospital. Time flies when you're having fun and this is proof! The past two years have been more fun, exciting, interesting, eye-opening two years of my life as a mom. Watching Jack grow, learn and progress is truly the glory of my existence. He is perfect in every single way! 

I remember when I was pregnant, telling Kody, "You know, I have this feeling, almost like an innate motherhood impression that this boy is going to be very sweet, quiet, timid and calm. Like that is what his personality will be."


Jack is VERY sweet, but he is also very, very strong-willed and stubborn! He is very well-behaved but he likes to be independent! It makes so much sense to me now considering that he will be the oldest child in our family (eventually) and he reminds me a lot of how I was as the oldest. He wants to be involved in everything and seems to see himself as an adult like us. He isn't very snuggly and doesn't want to be helped. He believes he is a strong man who doesn't need his mom to do much!! haha okay, sometimes he definitely needs me but he doesn't like to admit it :)

I absolutely LOVE his personality, his strong-will,  and his little go-getter attitude. It is so fun to watch!

Some of his most common phrases lately include:

-"Time out!!" (I know I did something naughty and I need to go take a break)
-"Help you!!" (can you help me?)
-"poo poos away!" (here comes the garbage truck to take the poopy diapers away)
-"hi, possum!" (what my mom says to him in the morning)
-"be by you!" (I want to sit on your lap)
-"big bed!!" (I don't want to sleep in my crib, I want to lay in the big bed and you need to snuggle me until I fall asleep
-"carry you!" (can you pick me up and carry me? I'm too tired to walk)

Jack is honestly the smartest, most well-behaved little boy and I just can't say enough how lucky I am to be his mom.

Happy birthday little man!!!!


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