June Lake Trip

by - 7/10/2019

Last week for the 4th of July, we headed up to June Lake, California with Kody's family. We had SUCH an amazing time having out with family and being outdoors. Jack is at such a fun age now where he just loves playing with his cousins and can really enjoy family trips like this one.

Jack running around outside and loving the PERFECT weather!

Jack, Aunt Kati and Dex the dog!

Quad ride with my sweetheart :)

The prettiest wildflowers grew in front of the house and Jack loved playing in them every evening.

4th of July Parade in Mammoth. Jack LOVED it!!!! I want to take him to more parades now!

Kody's family owns a resort in June Lake and a gym/club in Mammoth. At the gym they have two big trampoline rooms that are often used for snowboarders to practice their jumps and stuff. We got to pay in it one afternoon and it was so fun. Jack was in HEAVEN (and honestly me and Kody were too, so fun)!

Jack and grandpa being silly and waving to people at the parade

s'mores! my favorite dessert!

Jack and Charlotte having some chips

Jack and some cousins at Yosemite. It was beautiful there!

Jack and Tanner having fun, being messy and playing outside!

All the cousins eating candy and having so much fun at the parade.

Can't wait to go back!!

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