by - 7/17/2016

I hate goodbyes.
Yes, I know that hate is a strong word and that is why I am using it.
For those of you who don't know, my little brother, Bailey left this week for a 2-year-long mission for our church. Last weekend Kody and I flew down to Arizona for Bailey's farewell talk and then on Wednesday I picked him up from the airport, went to Chick-fil-a and then  dropped him off at the Missionary Training Center. I hugged him one last time for two years and watched him walk away. 

My family has always been super close. I have just two brothers and we are pretty close in age so we grew up as best friends. Because of how close we've been, this whole thing absolutely tore my heart out! I have been having a hard time this week, knowing that he's alone and I can't even talk to him. And being away from the rest of my family on top of that. Even though in the big picture, I know everything is okay, it has definitely been a week with lots and lots of prayers.

It reminded me of when I left home for college. It was so hard! And although I got over being super homesick pretty quick and am all grown up now, I still miss my family. I miss Arizona. I miss my friends at home. I miss having big Sunday family dinners. Hopefully someday Kody and I can live close to our family but for now we don't. 
But you know what I've realized this week? That is okay!
Goodbyes shouldn't be easy and its okay to miss someone/something! 
Its okay to be sad and to miss the people you love.
How great is it to have something so wonderful to miss?!
It makes the time we do have with family that much more fun, and in two years from now when Bailey comes home, the time we all have together will be so enjoyable. 
In life, we are meant to progress and do new, good things, even if they are scary and even if it means saying goodbye to the people you love the most. And I am so proud of my brother for being able to do that.
So that's my little Sunday rant. 
You aren't ever alone. 
And besides, no goodbye is ever permanent anyways :)


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