Ski Weekend

by - 4/07/2016

This weekend my in-laws came down and we all went skiing! Last year Kody took me snowboarding in California, but this was my first time on skis, and I did much better. At the end of last time, I swore I would never go up another mountain covered in snow again. After this time, though, I might be able to again someday :)

 Kati, my cute sister-in-law, was so sweet and hung out with me on the bunny slopes all day while everyone else did the crazy stuff. Things were going well and we were having so much fun until we went up to the top of the mountain on a really long lift and ended up getting lost and going down sooo the wrong way. In our defense, they did a pretty crappy job of marking the trails and reminding where the green circle went and where the black diamond went. 
It was bad.
At one point we ended up completely off any kind of trail and had to slide down the entire slope on our bums because that's how steep it was! It took us over an hour to get down the whole thing. I kept falling out of my skiis, got in the way of so many people coming down, and may have used some not-so-awesome language a few times. But it was okay because it was good bonding and we both made it down alive :) THANK HEAVENS. 
Other than that one little mishap, however, it was an awesome day! I am by no means good at skiing but I can get down a hill without dying, so that's good! Kody and I had a discussion about how we are starting our kids young and putting them in ski school so they don't end up like me :)


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  1. Their uncle Justin can teach your kiddos. He had Emily skiing black diamonds in kindergarten ;). Glad you had fun and joined the skiers club, instead of the snowboarders lame club.