Bedroom Vinyl

by - 4/13/2016

We have been in our apartment for about 2 months now, but I just got around to decorating our bedroom! Decorating apartments can be SO hard because there are rules about what you can and can't put up, we can't paint any walls so everything is white and since we probably won't be here for more than a year or so, we don't want to invest a ton of money into things.
We had a big photo of us on our wedding that we put right above the headboard, but in this apartment we can't nail anything into the wall, so we put it up with those command strips. Then one night we heard a loud SLAM, and the picture had fallen off the wall and it took about a month off each of our lives because of how much it freaked us out. 

After that we decided that we needed something that would stay on the wall. That's when I went over to Davis Vinyl Designs! We custom-made a piece with our names and colors of our room. They were AWESOME at working with us, and the piece turned out so perfect, don't ya think!?

At first I was worried about putting it on the wall, but it came with perfect instructions and came on just fine! We have a huge king-sized bed, so the piece had to be super big. Luckily, they make pieces of all different sizes and it was perfect.

Then I added some mirrors above each of our side tables and now it looks complete! Someday we will have a real house and I can get into the decorating a little more (and actually be able to nail things into the walls), but for now we LOVE this.
Thanks so much to Davis Vinyl Designs for the beautiful piece! You can check their shop out here, and their Facebook page here
Happy decorating!

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