HASK Melon Oil Collection

by - 4/26/2016

 I recently discovered a new haircare brand called HASK. If you know me and know my hair background, you know that I am constantly looking for products that help strengthen my hair and all of it's damage! 
They offer so many different types of oils in their products (and I will be trying more later on), but I first tried their Melon Oil Color Protection Collection and I am loving it so far! I haven't tried the hair mask yet, but that absolutely adored everything else in the collection!

The shampoo and conditioner have been awesome for my hair. Plus, as you know, I am a huge sucker for hair products that smell good. Well, this product is one of them! My husband loves when I use this stuff in my hair because it smells so good for so long afterwards. I love it, my husband loves it, but most importantly, my hair loves it :)

 Everything in this collection was great, but my favorite product of all was the actual Melon Oil. The ends of my hair get frizzy and you can tell by looking at them that they are damaged. So what I do is when my hair is still wet, I brush it out (with a Wet Brush) and then apply this oil to the ends. Sometimes I even do it when it's dry! It helps my hair look way smoother and healthier. Plus it smells SO YUMMY too!

So there ya have it! I will try more HASK products soon and let you know how I like them! 

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